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Ally Auto-On PWM Fuel Pump Controller

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The Ally Auto-On fuel pump control system will allow a second pump to be added to an OEM fuel system control module without causing overloading of the stock FSCM.

PressureWorx DW300C Returnless PWM Kit


Use aftermarket high-power pumps with this controller to add even more power capability to the CTS-V2 fuel module! Compatible with OEM pumps too!

Gen5 ZL1 Camaro 2012-15 Replacement Fuel Pump


New replacement electric fuel pump for the Gen5 Camaro ZL1 fuel pump module!

LS/LT/FPDM/OEM PWM Controller Series Engines – Ally Fuel Module Controller


Use the OEM Fuel System Control Module in your dual module car by using the Ally “Piggyback” PWM Dual Fuel Module Controller. The only kit on the market today that allows the OEM FSCM to control all fuel modules.

KPM Streetfighter 1500HP Ally PWM Fuel Pump Controller


This PWM control system will provide the needed support to drive the second pump in the KPM Streetfigher 1500HP fuel module. It allows the use of the OEM Fuel System Control Module.

KPM Streetfighter 1500HP PWM Fuel Pump Controller – Stand Alone


This PWM control system will provide the needed support to drive the KPM Streetfighter 1500 fuel module as a stand-alone system.

CTS-V2 12mm to 3/8″ In-Tank Crossover Adapter


Corner pickup adapter and G8 to ZL1 in-tank crossover adapter.