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PressureWorx CTS-V2/Universal 3bar PWM Fuel Module Controller


This kit allows for a true PWM returnless fuel system when using the Cadillac CTS-V2 fuel module. No regulators, return lines, or filters needed!

PressureWorx CTS-V2/Universal LSA PWM Fuel Module Controller


CTS-V2 Fuel Module Controller Kit for GM LSA Crate Engine Control Systems. A true returnless system with no filters, regulators, or return lines!

BoostWorx Fuel Module Control System – 3Bar


This PWM fuel module control system will provide a standard 1:1 manifold referenced fuel pressure for any engine management system. It is perfect for Gen 1-3 Coyote crate engines or other applications where an engine MAP sensor may not be available.

PressureWorx DualX CTS-V2 Fuel Module Control System


Control Dual CTS-V2 fuel modules with this stand-alone PWM control system!

LS/LT/FPDM/OEM PWM Controller Series Engines – Ally Fuel Module Controller


Use the OEM Fuel System Control Module in your dual module car by using the Ally “Piggyback” PWM Dual Fuel Module Controller. The only kit on the market today that allows the OEM FSCM to control all fuel modules.