Customer Spotlight

At VaporWorx, our success rides on the shoulders of our customers.

Here are some of their rides.

One of a kind; and
the first of its kind

Owner James Shipka (right) and VaporWorx’s Carl Casanova pose with the five-time winner of the One Lap of America, the One Lap Camaro (OLC).

The OLC had the first commercially sold VaporWorx Pulse Width Modulation system way back in early 2011.

This car was part of the inspiration that brought VaporWorx into being, the need for reliable long-term fuel delivery under all circumstances.

Function for any form

The C1 Corvette poses a particular challenge for modern EFI swaps due to the placement of the fuel tank directly behind the driver and passenger shoulders. The placement makes in-tank pumps a challenge due to pump noise since the only buffer is a piece of cardboard covering the tank.

This beautiful 1959 vintage owned by John Malouf sports a GM 350ci engine with AFR heads, David Vizard inspired camshaft, and Holley port-injected EFI. With a full rear-exiting exhaust and an emphasis on noise reduction, normal conversations while driving can be had even with the top removed from the car.

The fuel tank was built by Rock Valley Auto and Tanks with a Ford/Walbro/TI Automotive TU227HP fuel module. When combined with the VaporWorx PWM fuel module controller, this pumping system is nearly silent and easily provides the fuel needed to support the power.

The woman, the myth, the legend

Fast Mary Pozzi’s stunning 2nd-gen Camaro with Lingenfelter power is one of the best sorted early pony cars around.

The VaporWorx PWM controller and Gen5 ZL1 fuel module keep the 650hp well fed under any street or track condition.

The biggest problem? Remembering that the fuel system is there.

Child's play

This brutal 1969 Camaro driven by Jake “The Kid” Rozelle is a multi-time winner of the very competitive Ultimate Street Car Association events, and has been featured in HotRod Magazine. Powered by a 700hp+ Lingenfelter bullet and built by JCG Restorations and Customs, it makes all the right noises as it puts the power down Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Using the tried and true Gen5 Camaro ZL1 fuel module and VaporWorx PWM controller this setup has continued to operate trouble free for 5+ years under many thousands of street and track miles.

Silent, but deadly

This beautiful early Cadillac has a modern power transplant with a supercharged LSA and automatic transmission upgrade.

Using a custom tank, a Cadillac CTS-V2 fuel module, and VaporWorx LSA pulse width modulation controller, this car cruises silently but carries a very big stick.

'Humble' is not the word

World renowned skateboarder Josh Kalis has one of the fastest street-driven Camaros on earth.

This 200mph beast sports 1200+RWHP that is being fed by a CTS-V2 primary fuel module and twin TI450LPH fuel pumps for the secondary system, all controlled by a VaporWorx returnless PWM controller.

At full song, this engine really needs to eat, but during idle and cruise the fuel system is quiet, reliable, and forgetful.

A pretty, powerful pony

Matt Alcala’s beautiful 1965 Mustang at SEMA.

Running 315s’s squared, this car has been built for business. Expertly crafted by Best of Show Coachworks in Escondido, CA, this car has so many subtle changes that it takes a keen eye to pick them out.

Notice how the body panels have been massaged to house the big 315’s but still maintain the classic fender creases. The doors blend into the wider fenders making it a true wide body car.

With a modern Coyote powerplant feeding a six-speed transmission, this beauty also sports a VaporWorx fuel system with a Gen5 Camaro fuel module for simple, reliable operation.

Oh, and that slick looking purple ’69 Camaro is also Matt’s car. It too has a VaporWorx PWM fuel controller and ZL1 fuel module feeding the 427ci LS engine under the hood.

Tried, tested, true

Mark Stielow, Director, Motorsports Competition Engineering for General Motors, and his awesome “Mayhem” Camaro sporting a fully custom Rick’s fuel tank and VaporWorx fuel system.

We have been very fortunate to work with Mark since 2012 on many of his builds. Many of the dual module control systems offered by VaporWorx were initially validated by Mark in order to make them work the right way, and we thank him for the inspiration.

His latest build, an LT5 powered 1969 Camaro, utilizes a VaporWorx Ally controller to power the second Gen5 ZL1 fuel module. There’s 50+ pages of build details here (click).

The ¼-mile in...

You won’t find a nicer gentleman than Doug Hiliard, but make no mistake that his G8 is a force to behold. Doug can proudly wear a “9” patch on his jacket for having dipped this beautiful machine into a 9-second ¼-mile time.

For what is still a street driven car, the Rick Crawford built engine is fed by a Cadillac CTS-V2 fuel module and, as an early adopter, a VaporWorx G8 PWM fuel module control system.

Twins, obviously

We have a double for you, Karl Dunn’s 1970 Challenger and Bob Bertelson’s C10 truck. Both are running identical Gen5 ZL1 fuel modules and VaporWorx pulse width modulated control systems.

The cars had spent the week at SEMA and are getting ready to run in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Las Vegas, NV.

Lastly, the VaporWorx (Real World) test mule.

The Honor Flight Camaro is the test mule for the products offered by VaporWorx. This car has been owned by the president of VaporWorx since 1982 and has been the inspiration for many late-night projects.

After swapping to LS power and subsequently failing three fuel pumps, VaporWorx was formed with the intent to have modern OEM fuel delivery reliability combined with high-horsepower capability. Thousands of cars later, we are still helping to improve fuel delivery under the most challenging of conditions for the new GM LT and Ford Coyote platforms.

The car has successfully campaigned in three One Lap of America events, hundreds of HPDE days, USCA events, and 10’s of thousands of street miles with zero controller or pump failures. It continues to have new testing programs thrown at it including PWM radiator fan controls, fuel line pressure delta testing, smart intercooler controllers, and specialized fittings that will eventually be offered to the marketplace. The fruits of this testing can often be found in the documentation section.

Oh yeah, the “Three Amigos” posing at the Start/Finish at Daytona Motor Speedway during the Brock Yates One Lap of America all sport VaporWorx fuel systems and filled the podium for the Vintage American class for the entire event.

One more thing...

We are proud to have been a part of every one of the builds on this page – and the literally thousands of others where our customers trust us & our products to deliver ‘the goods’ on time and as expected.

This testimonial by a great customer of ours, Jake Hoffman, sums up the sentiment we hope each and every one of our customers feels when they finally have their fuel delivery needs totally taken care of.

You are the
freaking man!

Jake Hoffman – Roadster Shop