At VaporWorx our mission is simple:

To provide our customers with the most reliable fuel delivery systems for their fuel injected cars.

We use a blend of OEM and aftermarket products and technologies in order to make stand-alone, simple to use, reliable, and easy to repair fuel delivery systems.

There are many choices for the fuel delivery system in your fuel injected car, but some products or technologies may not be appropriate some cars. Through the resources presented on this page, the performance and reliability advantages and disadvantages of the most common high-pressure fuel systems will be discussed.

With this information, you as a consumer will hopefully be able to make a choice about what fuel system will be the best for your car and budget.

What's in the VaporWorx Resource Hub?

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Educational Materials

Detailed informational resources that comprehensively cover the basics.

Fuel Delivery Systems – An Understanding

In this 10-part informational series, we will cover the basics behind and surrounding the products we offer – from how to evaluate what the right options are for your ride, to how they fit into your car, to the systems they work with – with plenty of examples, diagrams, and pictures to help make sure you come out of it with a clear understanding of what’s involved:


Fuel Delivery 101


Basics of EFI Fuel Systems


Fuel Pumps


Fuel Pressure Regulators


Fuel Filters


Fuel Modules


Mechanical Systems


How Do PWM's Work?


PWM Controllers


Corner Pickups & Fuel Transfer Lines

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Fuel Delivery Systems – An Understanding contains 10 parts, each of which have a box similar to this one underneath them, to guide you through them in order.

To to start on the series, use the button to the right to go to the first article, or use the numbered links above to dive straight into a specific subject.


Fuel Delivery 101

Product Walkthroughs & Guides

In-depth introductions into our major product categories.

After you’ve got an understanding of the basics of fuel delivery systems (whether it’s from our 10-part series, and/or previous build experience), you may want more specific information about the various categories of products we offer.

Here you’ll find walkthroughs & guides of the most important points related to each, with further links to the relevant products themselves:

These walkthroughs & guides are available for a limited selection of our products. You can see & sort our full product range by clicking here.

Technical & Additional Resources

Even more to support you before & after your purchase.

We also offer these additional resources for further topics that are more general, or encompass either our entire product suite (such as our warranty), or significant portions of it (including product-by-product documentation):


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