At VaporWorx our success rides on the shoulders of our customers.

“Last summer at our local SCCA autocross the car finished the day with the fuel gauge on dead empty. Nervously I drove the car to the gas station a few miles away and pumped 15.4 gallons into a 15.5 gallon tank. Thanks for developing a [email protected] fuel system.” Don.

“This just might be the ultimate fuel system for our cars”
James Shipka, multi-time winner of the One Lap of America. First commercial unit sold.

“I wanted to take moment to provide feedback on Carl and his products. Both he and his products are all top notch. I seem to contact Carl about every 3-4 month with a fuel related question and he always answers me back immediately. It is an absolute pleasure working with someone who understands the particulars with building a Pro-Touring car. This is a hobby that requires time and patience, among other things. Carl gets this and you can tell he is passionate about what he does, and the customers he helps along the way.

Thank you Carl, job well done sir!

Dave G.”

“1200RWHP” Josh Kalis
Josh Kalis 1200hp

Mary’s Vaporworx system works so well, – we forget we have it!
David Pozzi mentioning 11-time SCCA Solo II Champion Mary Pozzi’s Camaro.

“Thanks Carl! Your controller is doing a great job for me!”
Doug Hilliard’s beautiful Pontiac G8 that also run’s in the 9’s with a Rick Crawford built engine.
Doug Hiliard png resized 300

“Nobody believed it would work.”
Roger Lee, Ironworks Speed and Custom

“I’ve used this on my last 4 LS9 based engines and it works flawlessly. For both cruising and track work.” Mark Stielow