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At VaporWorx our mission is simple: To provide our customers with the most reliable fuel delivery systems for their fuel injected cars. We use a blend of OEM and aftermarket products and technologies in order to make stand-alone, simple to use, reliable, and easy to repair fuel delivery systems.

There are many choices for the fuel delivery system in your fuel injected car. Some products or technologies may not be appropriate for your build. However, in the following pages the performance and reliability advantages and disadvantages of the most common high-pressure fuel systems will be discussed. With this information, you as a consumer will hopefully be able to make a choice about what fuel system will be the best for your car and budget.

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What is VaporWorx?

VaporWorx was founded in 2009 for the same reasons as many other businesses, frustration. The lack of reliable fuel delivery systems for high-performace, Pro-Touring type cars with electronic fuel injection led us to start VaporWorx. Since then VaporWorx has also expanded into modern performance with dedicated systems for a variety of OE platforms. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best folks in the high-performance world, including 1200+ horsepower builds that demand not only a serious fuel system, but also be able to drive the car reliably for hours and hours on the open road. So if you're looking for OE-reliable fuel delivery for you car, please check out the Documentation section for more information on how our systems work.

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