PressureWorx Dual Pump PWM Controller


Been looking for a returnless PWM controller for your high-powered fuel pumps? VaporWorx has the answer with this stand-alone Auto-On dual pump controller.


PressureWorx 3bar Auto-On Dual Pump PWM Control System.

The PressureWorx Auto-On dual fuel pump control system has everything needed to provide a stand-alone, OE-type returnless fuel system. This system is to be used with dual fuel pumps (not OEM modules) to provide a 1:1 manifold referenced (MAP sensor based) fuel pressure. It will act just like a mechanical fuel pressure regulator would with the ECM tuned in the same manner. The fuel injector does not know if the fuel supplied is pumped by a return or returnless system. The standard PressureWorx option is tuned for the GM LSA 3bar 12592525 sensor.  Other sensor tunes are available at no charge. The MAP sensor tune in the PressureWorx controller must match the MAP sensor so that the proper 1:1 pressure rate change can occur.  

Base fuel pressures at idle are typically 42psi, but the VaporWorx controller has much greater range if needed.  

The VaporWorx PWM Auto-On Dual Pump system monitors the MAP sensor to provide a MAP referenced fuel pressure and to turn on the second pump. The VaporWorx controller has a Pump 2 output that turns on at 2psi of boost. No Hobb’s switches, relays, or other devices are needed.  

For pumps to operate in closed loop PWM mode, some fuel must pass through the pumps while running. This fuel volume is more than what the engine needs at idle and cruise. So, additional bypass fuel must be added. In the OEM fuel module this fuel is put to work driving the multiple transfer pumps that move fuel into the module reservoir. On aftermarket pump hangers the single hole used to drive the transfer pump needs to be increased, or provided by some other method. For Rick’s Tanks pump hats, they have a jet that can be installed to perform this bypass.  

Pumps supported include: 

  • TI F90000267 (0.041” bypass) and F90000285 (0.051” bypass) pumps. 
  • Stealth 340 pumps with 0.025” bypass.  
  • Contact VaporWorx for other pump applications.  

The PressureWorx 3bar Auto-On Fuel Module Controller system includes these standard features: 

    • Everything needed electrically to drive the fuel pump module. No relays, external regulators, or return lines needed.
    • Up to 2/3 reduction in power to the fuel module during idle and cruise vs traditional systems.  
    • 80A minimum continuous power rating in a compact controller package. Total size 4.5”L x 3.5”W x 2”H.  
    • Over-temperature shutdown with automatic reset that will operate indefinitely without damage.  
    • Short circuit protection that will operate indefinitely without damage.  
    • OEM Delphi/Aptive connections for terminals, seals, and connector bodies where appropriate.  
    • All cross-linked polyethylene wiring. 
    • 20′ wiring harness from the controller to the fuel module.
    • UL94 rated components used throughout.  
    • Integrates into the OE ECM to allow all safety systems to remain functional.  
    • 10-22v operating capacity. Can be used with voltage boosters. The preferred booster is the JMS FuelMax. Lower than 10v applied to the turn on circuit will cause controller shutdown to protect from an AFR lean condition.  
    • Must be used in manifold referenced fuel pressure mode.  
    • Second pump turn-on set to 2psi boost.  
    • Can be used with Fore Innovations and similar dual pump arrangements.  
    • Can be used with Rick’s Tanks dual pump hat with PWM modifications. Rick’s to provide the needed bypass jet based on the pumps used.  

The dual and triple pump basic connections and wiring layout is shown below.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in


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