JMS FuelMax Fuel Pump Voltage Booster



The JMS FueMax is one of the most versatile and powerful fuel pump voltage boosters available. With features such as selectable voltage ranges, MAP sensor voltage ramp-in, and adjustable input/outputs, it makes for a great addition for fuel systems where alternative pumps are not an option.

The FuelMax can be used to feed a VaporWorx PWM controller as well. When installed between the battery and the PWM controller, only the amount of power needed to drive the pump is used. With the FuelMax’s smooth voltage ramp-in option, and the PWM function of the VaporWorx controller, the power “hit” to the fuel pump is minimized. This results in longer life for all components.

Fuel pump performance can be significantly increased by boosting the voltage. A rough rule for pump performance change is 15% for every volt. In other words, a 2v increase can mean as much as a 30% flowrate increase. Actual fuel module or pump flowrate testing is required for actual values.

When purchased from VaporWorx the option of having it programmed for use with a VaporWorx PWM controller is free of charge. Just make a note during checkout that you would like PWM programming and what MAP sensor is used.

NOTE: Though VaporWorx controller can be used with up to 22v input voltage, the JMS FuelMax has one of the cleanest output voltages we have found. Some other boosters create so much output signal noise that it can cause the VaporWorx short circuit protection to turn on.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in


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