VaporWorx LSA Crate Engine Controllers


The GM LSA crate engine is one of the best performance bargains available today. Very refined driveability combined with high-horsepower output give this engine a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde personality.

The early fueling requirements stated in the GM installation instructions were incorrect. Unfortunately, the “correct” specifications are still difficult to obtain with any traditional aftermarket fuel system. GM specified 60psi at idle and ramping to 65psi at WOT. This specification is not possible with any aftermarket mechanical regulator. However, VaporWorx has developed an LSA-specific controller that meets this fuel demand. This system works with the LSA crate engine and the LSA Erod version.

For fuel modules, two excellent choices from GM are available. First is the Gen5 ZL1 module. Good for up to 650FWHP gasoline, this reasonably priced part will work well for engines with mild modifications such as headers, 2-3psi extra boost, a mild camshaft, and a good tune. This is a perfect, low-cost fuel module for the Erod version, especially when CARB compliance is needed.

If more power is expected (better to plan for the future as well) then the Cadillac CTS-V fuel module is the next step up. Good for approximately 800FWHP gasoline it is the highest output standard, readily available fuel module.

VaporWorx offers pulse width modulation kits for either fuel module, and often can make the wiring harness universal, meaning that it will work with both the ZL1 and CTS-V. In this arrangement if you decide to upgrade from the ZL1 to the CTS-V in the future, no new wiring harness will be needed. If the fuel level sensor used is the top mount remote style, then a CTS-V PWM kit will work with the ZL1 module as well. If the ZL1 OE 40F-250E clip-on fuel level sensor is used, then the ZL1 specific kit is required.

UPDATE! VaporWorx now has options for using the CTS-V OEM clip on fuel level sensor as well as converting the hat outlet nipple to AN6. Please contact VaporWorx for these options.

To order this option for any of the standard listed chassis types, simply choose the PWM kit that you wish, then select the LSA Crate Engine option here  This option may also be chosen during checkout.

For those that have a need for a universal fit, the below kits should work well. The only part that makes them universal is the harness that goes from the controller to the fuel module is a single run. Chassis-specific harnesses may have a service disconnect plug to make installation and removal of the tank easier.

ZL1 Fuel Module with top mount fuel level sensor ZL1 Fuel Module with GM OEM fuel level sensor CTS-V fuel module with top mount fuel level sensor

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