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Getting the Most Out of Your Tank (Literally)

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The fuel modules used in the 5th-generation Camaro and the CTS-V2 use a transfer pump system to draw fuel from remote sections of their tanks.

For example, on the 5th-generation Camaro, the fuel tank humps over the driveshaft. The transfer pump draws fuel from the passenger side of the tank over to the drivers side where the module is mounted.

VaporWorx has taken advantage of this by connecting corner pickups to the transfer pump system.

The corner pickup system allows fuel to be delivered to the module reservoir even when fuel levels in the main tank are very low.

During testing, it was found that with the corner pickup system, fuel delivery to the module was still working, even with less than one gallon of fuel in the main tank.

The corner pickups utilize a self-closing design.

The inlet side of the pickup is lined with a mesh screen.

When immersed in fuel, the screen allows fuel to flow through the inlet valve and into the fuel transfer tubes that attach to the fuel module transfer pump.

When fuel runs away from the corner pickup, the mesh is now clogged with fuel, just like spraying a screen door with water.

The clogged screen, with suction applied it from the transfer pump, pulls the inlet valve closed so that air is not drawn in.

Once fuel runs back to the corner pickup, a bleed hole will allow the pressure to equalize and the inlet valve will re-open.

See Photo 1 for a typical corner pickup.

Corner Pickup Photo 1

Photo 1. Walbro corner pickup.

The corner pickups are tied together using flexible corrugated tubes and a “Y” connector.

Though worm clamps can be used to attach the tubes to the corner pickups, “Y”, and secondary venturi pump connection, Odiker-type clamps offer even clamping force and less chance of damage to the tubes.

Photo 2 shows how a typical corner pickup assembly will look like.

Corner Pickup Photo 2

Photo 2. The completed corner pickup assembly with corner brackets.

The corner pickups connect to the fuel module using a connection nipple on the base of the reservoir.

Photo 3 shows the module connection with the hose attached.

Corner Pickup Photo 3

Photo 3. The fuel transfer tube is attached to the fuel module secondary venturi pump connection. A nylon quick fuel-rated connector is now supplied with the corner pickup kits.

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