VaporWorx Mechanical Systems

As discussed in the Fuel Modules section, in order to use the fuel module with an internal mechanical regulator a 4th-gen LS1 Camaro/60psi fuel pressure regulator must be fitted using the VaporWorx fuel pressure regulator adapter. With this system, the minimum required parts to make a functional system are:

  1. Fuel tank with a VaporWorx mounting ring.
  2. Fuel module with the adapted 4th-gen fuel pressure regulator.
  3. OEM sealing o-ring.
  4. Cam locking ring.
  5. Wiring harness.
  6. A GM 3/8” quick connect to AN6 male adapter (or similar method.)
  7. #10-32 Fuel line support plug.
  8. Fuel lines.
  9. Fuel level sensor.

With this system the output of the 5th-generation Camaro fuel module will supply 300lbs/hr gasoline, enough for a 600hp naturally aspirated engine. The at-idle fuel pressure is approximately 58-60psi/4bar.

Though the fuel pressure regulator does have provisions to attach a manifold vacuum line it is not safe to route a vacuum line into a fuel tank. If the end of vacuum line should become immersed it will pull fuel into the engine. If the manifold pressure becomes higher than atmospheric (boosted applications) then the fuel tank would become pressurized.


  1. Excellent fuel delivery under all conditions.
  2. Simple and reliable.
  3. Readily available and reliable OEM parts.


  1. May be a bit more costly than inexpensive traditional pump-on-a-stick designs.
  2. The 5th-generation Camaro fuel module output may be insufficient for higher horsepower applications.
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