Fuel Pump Module Mounting Ring – 304 Stainless


Stainless steel weld-in fuel module mounting ring. Build your own mounting tray, weld in the ring, and insert the appropriate OEM fuel module!


VaporWorx Fuel pump module mounting ring. 304SS.

The VaporWorx Fuel pump module mounting ring will fit with modules that have a 6″ major diameter (not including the alignment tab) hat diameter.

The ring can be welded from the top or bottom, but most applications are top welded. A standard OEM cam locking ring can be used: Cam Locking Ring

  • For LS3, ZL1, and CTS-V pump modules.
  • For any pump module with a 6″ major hat diameter. Fits Ford, GM, Dodge, etc fuel pump modules (common USCAR design.) Very common on late model GM trucks.
  • Mounting hole diameter 6-3/8″.
  • Target depth to bottom of tank 6-1/2″. LS3 and CTS-V 5.5 – 7″ mounting depth range. ZL1 6 – 7″. Additional fuel module mounting dimensions can be found here: Fuel Module Mounting Dimensions
  • Welding required.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in

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