One of the most challenging fueling projects is dealing with very high horsepower cars.

The owners of these cars – which often exceed 1200 flywheel horsepower – expect that they will be able to drive the car on the highway for hours on end with no problem, or be stuck in traffic with the air conditioning on, etc.

This makes traditional aftermarket fueling strategies difficult since at cruise/idle there is very little fuel needed by the engine, but the pump(s) still operates at full power at 30+ amps. Similar to tuning an ECM, the wide open throttle control of the fuel pump is quite straightforward, it is the part throttle/low fuel demand conditions that are more difficult.

What VaporWorx has validated, is a specific PressureWorx controller to work with the aftermarket twin and triple pump arrangements like those for the Pontiac G8, Cadillac CTS-V2, and Camaro Gen5. The most popular, the twin TI 450lph ‘267 pumps, is a proven way to eliminate the mechanical regulator and return lines.

When using the VaporWorx controller, a true returnless, on-demand fuel system is possible.

Unlike the factory systems, an external filter is usually needed. This should be verified by your pump supplier.

In order for this controller to work properly, there must be provisions for an internal cross-over tube in place like the G8, CTS-V2 and Gen5. The tube does not have to be used, just the provision for it.

If not, a controlled leak that simulates the fuel bypassed to power the suction pumps for the remote pickups must be used. The hole size is usually in the 0.041″ range.

VaporWorx has tested many of the aftermarket dual and triple fuel hats and has data to use in order to properly tune the PWM controller.

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