Bosch -044 Triple PWM Fuel Pump Controller


This PWM fuel pump control system will provide variable pump speed pressure control via a true returnless method for triple Bosch -044.


After many months of development and testing, a true returnless Pulse Width Modulation control system is now available for dual and triple Bosch inline -044 pumps. With a 2/3 power reduction at idle and cruise compared to traditional return systems, this kit dramatically lowers the idle and cruise power requirements, reduces noise, and helps keep fuel temperatures minimized.  

Based on the popular and rugged VaporWorx Pulse Width Modulation controller that has been in use since 2011, the kit includes everything needed to control the fuel pumps electrically. All relays and Hobb’s switches from traditional systems can be removed.  

Combined with a noise reduction of nearly 10db vs. running the primary pump at full speed , the VaporWorx PWM control system becomes an ideal solution for vehicles where most of the driving time is during idle and cruise.  

NOTE: Pumps must be gravity fed. Top pull fuel suction operation will not function properly.  

Features of the kit include:  

  • Everything needed electrically to drive the fuel pump.   
  • A 2/3 reduction in power to the fuel pump during idle and cruise vs traditional systems.   
  • 80A minimum continuous power rating in a compact controller package. Total size 4.5”L x 3.5”W x 2”H.   
  • Over-temperature shutdown with automatic reset.   
  • Short circuit protection that will operate indefinitely without damage.   
  • OEM Delphi/Aptive connections for terminals, seals, and connector bodies where appropriate.   
  • All cross-linked polyethylene wiring.  
  • UL94 rated components used throughout.   
  • Integrates into the OE ECM to allow all safety systems to remain functional.   
  • 10-22v operating capacity. Can be used with voltage boosters. The preferred booster is the JMS FuelMax. Lower than 10v applied to the turn on circuit will cause controller shutdown to protect from an AFR lean condition.   

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in


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