Do you have an electric fuel pump on your carbureted car?

Have you ever wished that the fuel pump could have a short key-on prime cycle then shut down?

How about reducing the chances of uncontrolled fuel pumping out in case of an accident or mechanical damage to the fuel lines?

While we’re wishing, how about an override/pump-on function to allow adjustment of the float bowls without having the engine running?

True short circuit protection that shuts down power to the pumps?

We can do all of that and more.

This dual pump Intelligent Power Controller puts a safe 50A of power capability in the palm of our hand.

The VaporWorx Intelligent Relay Control and Intelligent Power Controllers offer these modern convenience and safety features to your fuel and intercooler pump applications.

Using the vehicle tachometer signal the IRC or IPC will provide priming, accident shutdown, short circuit, and override features that add a modern touch to any vehicle electric pump.

All this in a package not much larger than a single relay.

Designed for both existing installations and new builds, VaporWorx has built multiple versions tailored to just about any non-computer controlled fuel system.

Next Steps: IPC's and IRC's

We have multiple options available to suit your application! Select the scenario that applies to your build:

Does your car have a fuel pump relay in it now, and would you like to keep it?

Would you like to eliminate the single pump relay in your car with a solid state part that has all of the mentioned safety and convenience features? Or, a new single pump installation?

Do you have or considering dual fuel pumps with two relays, a Hobb’s switch, and all the other associated parts? We can clean that up for you with a dual pump controller that is smaller than a deck of cards.

Need a Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor to tell the second pump to come on? Yep, we have a controller to do that too.

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