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DSE clipped and inboard springs V2

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At VaporWorx our mission is simple: To provide our customers with the most reliable fuel delivery systems for their fuel injected cars. We use a blend of OEM and aftermarket products and technologies in order to make stand-alone, simple to use, reliable, and easy to repair fuel delivery systems.

There are many choices for the fuel delivery system in your fuel injected car. Some products or technologies may not be appropriate some cars. However, in the following pages the performance and reliability advantages and disadvantages of the most common high-pressure fuel systems will be discussed. With this information, you as a consumer will hopefully be able to make a choice about what fuel system will be the best for your car and budget.

Fuel Delivery: An Understanding

  1. Fuel Delivery 101
  2. Fuel Pumps
  3. Fuel Pressure Regulators
  4. Fuel Filters

Fuel Modules

Corner Pickups and Fuel Transfer Lines

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