Ally Dual PWM Fuel Pump Controller


The Ally Auto-On fuel pump control system will allow a second pump to be added to an OEM fuel system control module without causing overloading of the stock FSCM.


For use with any OEM fuel system control module (Ford, GM, etc.) when using aftermarket fuel pumps.  

The newest LT-series of GM engines and engine control systems are some of the greatest technology available today. But, like all gearheads, we usually want more, right? Unfortunately, the OEM Fuel Pump Pressure Modules (FPPM) included in the GM and other OEM wiring harnesses, leaves a bit to be desired when more fuel is needed. 

This kit allows the GM FPPM/Ford FPDM to control the primary pump, while the VaporWorx Ally Auto-On controller “Piggybacks” and takes care of the second. The Ally Auto-On does not turn on the second pump until 3-4psi of boost, hence the standard controller must be attached to either the LSA 3bar or LT4/5 3bar MAP sensor. Custom tunes are available at no extra charge. Please contact VaporWorx for these options.  

When used in this way there is sufficient power for all fuel pumps while maintaining the FPPM/FPDM full CAN feedback and diagnostics. All pumps will effectively be under the control of the FPPM/FPDM.  

With just a single 20ga wire to attach to the FPPM/FPDM fuel pump + grey wire, and the before mentioned MAP sensor wiring, hookup is straightforward. With that done, it’s just battery power in, and fuel pump power out. No on/off switch, etc. It just follows the FPPM/FPDM once it turns on and controls the auxiliary pumps. 

If you’re thinking of future power upgrades for your LT4, or doing a fresh LT5 installation, dual fuel pumps are a great way to do the job once and be ready to go. Other applications needing e85 and working with the Ford FPDM and other OEM FPPM/FPDM’s, this kit should suit your needs.  

Features of the kit include: 

  • Everything needed electrically to drive the fuel pump.  
  • A 2/3 reduction in power to the fuel pump during idle and cruise vs traditional systems.  
  • 40A minimum continuous power rating in a compact controller package. Total size 4”L x 2.1”W x 1-5/8”H.  
  • Over-temperature shutdown with automatic reset.  
  • Short circuit protection that will operate indefinetely without damage.  
  • OEM Delphi/Aptive connections for terminals, seals, and connector bodies where appropriate 
  • All cross-linked polyethylene wiring. 
  • UL94 rated components used throughout.  
  • 20′ wiring harness from the controller to the fuel module.
  • Integrates into the OE ECM to allow all safety systems to remain functional.  
  • 10-22v operating capacity. Can be used with voltage boosters. The preferred booster is the JMS FuelMax. JMS FuelMax 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in

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