Intelligent Relay Systems.

The VaporWorx Intelligent Relay Control and Intelligent Power Centers offer modern convenience and safety features to your fuel and intercooler pump applications. Using the vehicle tachometer signal the IRC or IPC will provide priming, accident shutdown, and override features that add a modern touch to any vehicle electric pump.

Four different Intelligent Relay Systems are available.

  1. The Intelligent Relay Control is for traditional mechanical relays. It controls the low-power negative side of the relay solenoid. Ideal for vehicles where a mechanical relay is already installed for the fuel and/or intercooler pump.
  2. The Intelligent Power Center provides all of the same features as the IRC but can supply a single channel of 25A power to the pump. It takes the place of a single mechanical relay.
  3. The Intelligent Power Center 2 is a dual channel system with a total of 50A available. There are primary and secondary channels. The primary operates just like the single IPC. The secondary comes on when 2v from the MAP sensor is applied. This system takes the place of traditional Hobb’s switches and relays to turn on a second fuel pump. Custom tuning available.
  4. The Intelligent Power Center 2M has the same as the 2, but includes its own MAP sensor. Custom tuning available.

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