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The VaporWorx RetroWorx kit is intended to be used to retrofit existing stainless custom fuel tanks with the mechanical components necessary to properly mount the fuel module. The kit includes a recessed tray, mounting ring, fuel pressure regulator adapter, fuel line support plug, and detailed instructions. Welding required. Cam ring, fuel line, etc. not included. Only those parts in Photo 1 above are included.

The RetroWorx kit will require a tank with a depth between 7” – 8-1/2”. Typical working heights, the distance from the ring mounting surface to the bottom of the tank, are as follows:

  • LS3/L99 Camaro and CTS-V: 5.5 – 7”
  • ZL1 Camaro: 6-7”

It will work with most aftermarket stainless steel tanks. It is not intended to be used with stock type tanks.

RetroWorx installation instructions.

CAUTION: Any cutting, welding, machining, or any other fabrication process can cause sparks. Any fuel tank that has had fuel in it must have the necessary precautions taken to eliminate any fuel liquid and vapor. Without performing this critical step explosions and fires will occur. DO NOT PERFORM ANY FABRICATION UNLESS ALL FUEL LIQUID AND VAPORS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE TANK AND THE PROPER FABRICATION AND WELDING PRECAUTIONS PERFORMED. VaporWorx will not be held liable for any fires, explosions, injuries, property damage, or any other condition or situation.